Open Speech and Language Resources

(Jan "Yenda" Trmal)

About OpenSLR

OpenSLR is a site devoted to hosting speech and language resources, such as training corpora for speech recognition, and software related to speech recognition. We intend to be a convenient place for anyone to put resources that they have created, so that they can be downloaded publicly.

Part of our goal is to mirror software available elsewhere, in order to provide a failover location. We are starting by mirroring some software which is used in the Kaldi scripts.

We aim to provide a central, hassle-free place for others to put their speech resources. For more information, see here .

If you wanna keep updated, we have created a mailing list in which we intend to send announcements about newest additions and other news.

For a list of resources, please click on resources above.

If you want to download things from this site, please download them one at a time, and please don't use any fancy software-- just download things from your browser or use 'wget'. We have a firewall rule to drop connections from hosts with more than 5 simultaneous connections, and certain types of download software may activate this rule.

Now, aside from the main site, we also have a mirror in China that is available at The mirror server is made available by Magic Data Technology.. Thank you Magic Data Technology!
Another mirror of the content is provided by ELDA in EU. The server is available as Thank you ELDA!